EndianĀ UTM Virtual Appliance EndianVMWare

Protect your virtual infrastructure from any potential threat with Endian's cutting-edge network security!

Endian UTM Mercury


  • Optimized for Virtual Platforms
  • VMware Prebuilt Appliance
  • Xen Prebuilt Appliance*
  • KVM Prebuilt Appliance
  • Centralized Management Included
  • Robust Firewall
  • IPS with Deep Packet Inspection
  • IPSec and SSL VPN (OpenVPN)

* Citrix XenServer & Xen are supported

Simple and Effective

By providing simple and effective network security solutions, Endian helps businesses leverage new virtual and cloud technologies to:

  • Secure the entire virtual infrastructure (internally and externally)
  • Seamlessly integrate with current virtual platform investments and their management tools
  • Save time and effort (i.e. money) with Endian centralized management and support tools
  • Securely connect all of the virtual or hosted infrastructure to the main office using VPN
  • Monitor and prevent access to and from the virtual systems to the outside world
  • Safeguard all inter-VM, internal, and external network connectivity

All of these objectives and more can be achieved using the Virtual Appliance.

Endian Advantages

The Virtual Appliance offers the most intuitive and universally supported solution available by including things like:

  • Support for three major virtual platforms including VMWare, Xen, and KVM
  • Unified, intuitive user interface across all platforms -- hardware, software, and virtual
  • Extremely efficient and scalable resource requirements
  • Native support included for available virtual infrastructure toolsets

In addition, you can utilize all of the great features that come with all flavors of the Endian UTM family including centralized management and monitoring via Endian Network, the simplest web interface available, best of breed open-source software, top-notch Endian support and much more.

Flexible Security

Endian offers a wide range of network security products to fit any requirement including hardware, software or virtual solutions. This means you can use the leading open source unified threat management product however and wherever you need.


pdf-icon Endian UTM Virtual Appliance datasheet (pdf)